About Us

For people interested in events in China, who feel that they are not getting the full picture from other media, China Spotlight is a media platform focused on China that gives a broad overview of news and events there. Unlike other English language media we aggregate news from numerous sources and plan to decipher the common patterns to give you the full unbiased picture from multiple perspectives (but it's early days in the project, so bare with us).

We plan to give our patrons input into the direction we go with new features, allowing them to vote for/or suggest features, if this is something you are interested in, please contact us.


China is the longest continuous civilization in the world today stretching back more than five thousand years. As modern China matures into a superpower that helps shape the world our mission is to help you understand the significant events that occur there.

Our Approach

We don't create the news, we will direct you to those that do. Our aim is to use two strategies to help you understand China; 1. Create a tribe of patrons who are engaged in shaping our platform. 2. Use AI and tech to discover the patterns behind significant events.

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There is so much fake news today, imagine you could shape a news service that helps you understand the story behind the news. Why did someone comment that way, whats their history on the topic? How has the story evolved? Help shape China Spotlight by becoming a patron.

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